Where Do I Start?

Congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step toward pool ownership by visiting our website. What’s next?  Let's start by browsing the Designs and Options to start getting a few ideas of what you would like. There are some basic things that we will first need to consider:

 • Shape and size of the pool

 • Depth of the deep and shallow ends

 • Location of your septic/well (if applicable)

 • Location of the pool in your yard

Once those basic ideas are sorted out, we can begin to think about some options for the pool. None of these things are required to run and operate your pool, but they will enhance your swimming experience. Most of these are things that can be added on later, and do not need to be part of your initial install.

 • Salt Water versus Traditional Chlorine

 • Heating in the pool

 • Lighting in the pool

 • Slides and Diving Boards

And lastly, there are purely aesthetic options that are not required at any point in the project, but can be added based on style and preference. 

 • Waterfalls and Sheer Descents

 • Deck Jets and Laminers 

 • Anything you can imagine...

Once you have given some thought to these things, it's time to book an appointment for a house call. Our Chaffee's team will come out to your home, sit down with you and your family, and discuss all of these topics in depth to ensure that you end up with your dream yard!

But How Much is This Going To Cost Me?

There is no solid answer to this question, as every single pool is different. In the 50 plus years that we have been in business, no two pools have ever cost exactly the same. The prices will fluctuate as options are added, with a large portion of the budget dependent on patio shape and size as well. 

There are many ways to build a pool with a tighter budget, do not let the numbers scare you! Often times, we will construct the project in two phases, starting with the installation of the pool first and the additional options in the second phase. To get some more exact prices, feel free to setup a consultation with the Chaffee's team!

How Do I Clean My pool?

Instructions For Vacuuming Your Pool

  1.  Fill the vacuum hose with water
  2. Put the swivel end of the hose on the vacuum head (attach head to pole) 
  3. Put vacuum head and pole in the water
  4. Put skim vac in the skimmer 
  5. Close valve to floor drain
  6. Go over the pool bottom and pick up dirt & debris 
  7. If you vacuum up a lot of leaves, you may need to empty the skimmer basket 
  8. TO DO SO:  Turn off the pump, empty the basket, turn the pump on, put skim vac back in the skimmer 
  9. If debris gets caught in the vacuum head, lift the head up (not out of the water) and remove debris 
  10. If you lift the vacuum head out of the water, you will lose suction! 
  11. Do not add granular chlorine directly in the pool unless you are going to vacuum. It will bleach the liner.  Instead, add it through the skimmer