Digital Pool Design

Not quite sure what you would like in your project? Having trouble visualizing options or the location for your pool? Worried about not having enough room for future plans?

Chaffee's Swimming Pools offers a detailed digital design service for your project to help you plan out the entire dream in one shot. We will design every aspect of your project from start to finish and include any options that you would like to see. We offer full unlimited revisions for the first year, so if you just want to see about changing something it's never a problem.  After your project is completed, we will return and do a full photo shoot of your pool with HD video so that you can see the true difference from when you started!

Just because you pay for your design does not lock you into an obligatory contract to buy the pool, nor do you have to buy the pool first in order to start. Many customers each year will have the design done a year or more in advance so they can plan their projects out ahead of time. We will always keep it on record, so as soon as you are ready to start, we can hit the ground running.

If a Digital Pool Design sounds like something that might be helpful for your dream pool, don't hesitate to call for an appointment today!

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