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The Basics

Diving Board


The classic. The icon. The original. The Diving Board is a timeless addition to any pool.



Slides offer fun for the whole family! With various shapes and sizes for all types of swimmers, slides guarantee an enjoyable time! 

Ladder and Handrails


A ladder and/or handrails offer a sleek, elegent design with safety in mind. Offer your guests access to your pool in the steps, shallow end, or anywhere else you see fit!

Heater or Heat Pump


Not really a polar bear plunge type of swimmer? Adding a gas heater or electric heat pump to your pool will lengthen your swim season and provide a much more enjoyable swimming experience. When your neighbors are covering their pool for the season, you can still be enjoying your investment! 

LED Pool Light


Night time swimming sometimes offers the best swimming possible. The addition of an LED light to your pool will allow you to swim more into the evening hours without sacrificing visibility. And with tons of colors and patterns to choose from, the LED light proves to even be a little fun!

Salt Water Chlorination


The future of swimming is here. Salt Water Chlorination is the modern replacement for harsh chlorine pools, offering many benefits including: No chlorine odor, no burning eyes, longer liner life, a softer water, and an overall better swimming experience altogether.

More Advanced Options



A Waterfall might not be for every pool, but sometimes thee are something that you almost cannot live without. It is the pinnacle of the natural feel, as Chaffee's Swimming Pools constructs theirs out of real stone and hand places each individual stone to ensure a perfect fit for your pool.

Vanishing Edge


The Vanishing edge is the perfect answer to the sloped backyard. It offers an elegant and sophisticated appeal to any pool, unmatched by any other option. With water from the main pool running in a perfect wave over the edge into a catch basin, it can truly change your outdoor landscape into a private oasis.

Deck Jets or Laminers


The most popular advanced addition to a pool is the deck jet, or fountain. It is a kid favorite, and offers the great sound of running water combined with the expensive aesthetic for quite the budget friendly cost. 

Pool/Spa Combo


Want a pool, but want a spa too? Pool and Spa combinations are great for the family oriented pool owner who wants their children to have fun in the sun, but also wants their own space. Now you will be able to relax and enjoy your spa while not having to be separate from the rest of the party.

Automated System


Backyard automation is the absolute answer to ease of use. With the app available for your mobile phone,  automation covering every single part of your outdoor oasis is a must. You can now control your pool from anywhere in the world, with the touch of a button.

Sheer Descents


Sheer descents offer the same benefits of a large waterfall, with a more stylish and cultivated approach. The modern look of flat surfaces with hard angles has never looked better than with the addition of clean, clear water cascading down into your pool.