Outdoor Kitchens

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space By Adding An Outdoor Kitchen

Many homeowners are utilizing their outdoor spaces to the fullest by adding features like an outdoor kitchen.  We can help you create a space that keeps you outside longer into the night, earlier in the spring and later into the cooler seasons. Cooking outside isn’t just for summertime anymore. Grill islands and outdoor kitchens are very popular requests when designing outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Kitchen Considerations

In the beginning, charcoal was king. As gas grills gained popularity, convenience and flexibility became key to outdoor grilling. Today’s most advanced grills have side burners, storage space and work areas too.

Consider installing an outdoor kitchen if:

  • You grill often (or large amounts) and are looking for ways to streamline the process.
  • You frequently host cookouts where everyone ends up huddled around you on the patio, socializing while they watch you cook.
  • You have a little-used deck or patio that you’d like to incorporate into daily life.
  • You’d like to move past burgers and steaks, and cook more elaborate dishes on the grill.
  • Cooking in the summertime heats up your house so much that the air conditioning can’t keep up.

Planning What You Need for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Use these as thinking points when you’re deciding what will go in your outdoor kitchen.

  • What kind of cooking will I do outdoors? How often will I grill out?
  • What kind of entertaining do I do? Large groups or small? Will we eat outdoors or bring the food back inside?
  • What furniture do I / will I have for the space?
  • What times of the year will I be able to use the space?
  • Will I need to move the kitchen components, or can they be permanently installed?

As with an indoor kitchen, proper design of the space will make cooking more comfortable and convenient. You don’t have to adopt the traditional work-triangle design, but think carefully about the way you and your guests use the outdoor space. Consider the location of other outdoor features, such as pools, playgrounds, gardens and trees.

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