How To Vacuum Your Inground Swimming Pool

Instructions For Vacuuming Your Pool

  • Fill the vacuum hose with water
  • Put the swivel end of the hose on the vacuum head (attach head to pole)
  • Put vacuum head and pole in the water
  • Put skim vac in the skimmer
  • Close valve to floor drain
  • Go over the pool bottom and pick up dirt & debris
  • If you vacuum up a lot of leaves, you may need to empty the skimmer basket
  • TO DO SO:  Turn off the pump, empty the basket, turn the pump on, put skim vac back in the skimmer
  • If debris gets caught in the vacuum head, life the head up (not out of the water) and remove debris
  • If you lift the vacuum head out of the water, you will lose suction!
  • Do not add granular chlorine directly in the pool unless you are going to vacuum.  It will bleach the liner.  Instead, add it through the skimmer
  • *Please remember:  When you have your winter cover on your pool, if you pump any water off the top of the cover, you must run your hose under the cover at the same time.  If you don’t, the water level in your pool will be lowered and you will get wrinkles